Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas cards 2008

Christmas cards 2008

Christmas cards 2008


Baubles - a tutorial

**This is not my idea, but after posting about these in my LiveJournal, I was asked if I could do a tutorial, so... here it is!**

1. Start by finding a pretty paper, preferably with two patterned sides, so that the inside won't be plain white.
2. Cut the paper into fitting pieces. You'll need to have it big enough to work with, but not big enough to fit your entire living room. I've chosen to have the paper strips 15cm long, 1.5cm wide.

3. You'll need to make small holes in the strips one way or the other. Do that!
4. Now you'll need a brad to fit through the holes in each paper strip, like this:
5. When you've fastened the brad, you'll need a bit of sewing thread. Make a small knot, making a circle. Take one end of the second brad inside it, so that it'll hang onto the baubel. Repeat step 4.

6. The baubel is almost done! Separate the strips!
7. If you're feeling extra adventurous, you can add another piece of sewing thread and an ornament inside the baubel.