Friday, July 4, 2008

I lost myself in a challenge...

I was trying to do this challenge that was posted at a local scrapforum, but I lost myself in it. I wanted to do a double layout of my cat. I have so many pictures of her that are great to scrap, but I don't want to end up a "crazy cat-lady" who scraps nothing but her four-legged fury friend. So I tried to fit as many photos as possible onto this layout. Each of the three photos have more photos underneath..
The challenge was to use lime and a red-ish colour, I started out with a plain lime green bazzill, but decided when I was done that I didn't like it, and started over... Here's the result. But I'm not too happy with this either, so we'll see if it'll survive the summer..

1 comment:

Karen M. Thaule-Pedersen said...

"Crazy-cat-lady"LOL! I try hard not to be one my self! Love the colors you used!