Thursday, July 3, 2008

This is me

After searching endlessly online for the perfect paper, I decided it was not to be, and made my own. I asked friends from online to give me adjectives (negatives and well as positives) for this LO, and they contributed generously. Sadly, I could only fit a few;

And here, for your viewing pleasure; two detail shots.


Karen M. Thaule-Pedersen said...

Very cool Lo, the girl seems pretty cool too:)

anne jorunn said...

Denne var råbra!! Så stilig med alle adjektivene:)

lara said...

Wait - huh?
This was interactive?
I'd be too insecure to ask friends to adjectives i think :)

But - I agree 1000000% - if you can't find appropriate paper make your own - its more fun that way, anyways! You get more dirty :D

Good job - love the picture too!